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Our navel piercing healing guide details everything you need to know about getting your navel pierced: timeline, healing information, which products to use, etc.

If you’ve already made the decision to get your navel pierced, you’ll want to read this guide to make sure you’re extra prepared for the aftercare process!

Getting a navel piercing is very exciting, but many people have questions about how long the navel piercing healing process will take, or how to make sure their piercing heals properly, etc.

That’s why we’ve made our guide, which covers all the important facts about the navel piercing healing time.

Navel Piercing Step-by-Step Guide

After you’ve decided to take the leap and finally get your navel piercing done, you probably have some lingering questions:

Some of our other posts (linked to above) cover these questions, but what about the actual navel piercing process? What will happen? And most importantly - what should I do after I get my piercing? 

Step One: Getting the Piercing

  • Getting your belly button pierced is exciting, scary, and fun all at the same time. Expect a tiny pinch of pain (but nothing too crazy). Belly button piercing pain isn’t too bad, but ultimately it depends on your personal pain tolerance.
  • Your piercer should use a needle to perform the piercing. Piercings should never be done with a piercing gun, because they provide low quality piercings. They can also carry germs and cause infections. 

Step Two: What to Do Right After Your Piercing 

  • Right after you’ve gotten your navel piercing, your piercer should give you some basic aftercare instructions, and will also probably recommend some products to help the healing process move along.
  • Navel piercing healing instructions given by your piercer should always mention the fact that you shouldn't touch, play with, or irritate your fresh piercing in any way. 
  • This is true at all times during the process, but especially right after the piercing has been done (which is when there’s a high chance of complications occurring - e.g. migration, irritation, infection, etc.).

Step Three: Navel Piercing Healing Time & Aftercare

  • While your new navel piercing might look like it's fully healed after a month or so, there’s still a lot of healing happening underneath the surface. This is why it’s important to allow your piercing at least three to upwards of six months to completely heal. 
  • Remember to always treat your piercing with care, and to clean it once per day using a saltwater solution (or a special cleaning product made for piercings). 
  • Never touch your piercing with dirty hands. Your hands should always be clean when you’re cleaning the piercing.
  • Using a saline or saltwater wash for your navel piercing will also help the healing process go faster. 
  • Navel piercing healing time depends on how good you take care of your piercing. 
  • The process usually takes anywhere from three months, all the way up to six. If you take care to keep your piercing clean, and don’t irritate it, the healing process will probably be on the low end of the timeline. 

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