Belly Button Piercing Cost 2020

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Looking for belly button piercing cost details? Look no further than our belly button piercing price guide. We cover everything you need to know about belly piercing costs in 2020 to help you better prepare yourself for getting your navel pierced!

How Much Does a Belly Button Piercing Cost?

The cost of your navel piercing will range from a low of $30 to a high of $75. The actual price that you’ll end up paying depends on several factors. Below are some of the main variables that will affect your belly button piercing cost:

  • Location 
  • Studio
  • Experience of piercer
  • Piercing jewelry used 

Location & Studio

Those are the only factors that will decide how much your navel piercing will cost. The two most important aspects you need to consider are where you live, and which studio you choose. If you live in a large city (e.g. New York or Los Angeles), you should expect to pay more than someone getting their navel piercing in a town/rural area.

Which studio you choose for your piercing can also affect how much you should expect to pay. For example, one of the world’s most renowned piercing studios is Body Manipulations in San Francisco. If you go to a studio such as this, your belly button piercing cost will be higher than other (less reputable) studios. 

What to Look for in a Piercing Studio

Choosing which piercing studio to go with for your navel piercing is one of the most important decisions of the entire belly button piercing process. If you choose a bad studio, the quality of your piercing won’t be as high compared to if you went to a reputable studio with a strong history of quality service. The main things to look for in a piercing studio are as follows:

  • Cleanliness
  • Experience
  • Quality of piercers
  • Piercing jewelry selection
  • Online reviews

The easiest way to find a good piercing studio in your area is to search online. Go to Google and type “belly button piercing cost near me” to bring up a list of studios in your area. Reading the reviews of the different studios that you’re thinking about going to is an excellent way to gauge their service level. You need to look for studios that have at least four stars (or ideally five stars), with plenty of positive reviews. 

Choosing a Piercer 

One of the very best ways to find a high-quality piercer in your area is by going to Instagram! Social media has made it incredibly easy to find piercers that you otherwise wouldn’t know about. Another way to choose a piercer is by going to a studio first, and then choosing an available piercer.

Remember to always ask to see samples of the piercer’s work. If you’re looking online, this should be easy enough. If you’re going in-person, ask to see a portfolio or some images from past piercings (and specifically navel piercings). If you’re wondering about the piercing process, check out our other blog on belly button piercing pain.

  • Note: One thing that you should always avoid when searching for a piercer, are the piercers who use piercing guns. No professional piercer with any amount of quality experience would ever use a piercing gun. Needles only!
  • Piercing Jewelry 

    Nearly all belly button piercings are done with titanium pieces of jewelry. These are considered starter pieces, and are really just placeholders until the piercing is done healing. The belly button piercing healing process typically takes around six months. After your piercing is fully healed, you’ll be able to start wearing high quality body jewelry designs in silver, gold, platinum, etc.

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