Steel Belly Button Ring Pack | TWO Surgical Steel Belly Button Rings

  • $39.95

Our surgical steel belly button ring pack comes with one plain steel clasp and one steel design of your choice. Choose from our selection of 10 clasps, all featuring stunning clear CZs and unique charm designs.

Product Details:

  • Surgical Steel, all clasps are solid precious metals, nickel-free, no plating!
  • Standard 14 gauge (1.6mm), post is 7/16 inch long (13.5mm)
  • Easy removable one-piece clasp, eliminates tiny hard to handle balls

Customer Reviews

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Kristen Thompson
High quality for sensitive skin

I'm a repeat customer and the belly button rings are stylish, durable, and comfortable. I have very sensitive skin and the steel is the best.

Appreciate the great jewelry & keen to support again!

I was initially not so hopeful about my order as I did not receive a response from the team regarding my delivery status - I did look up on how long packages normally take to reach, and I am certain its possible to reach in days or less despite the distance (I work somewhere that ships to and fro to us). Honestly, I don’t mind waiting a little longer but I would’ve really appreciated an email response

Received the surgical steel rings I ordered:-

I’m quite happy with the overall jewelry, other than a minor uneven colouration of the letters on one of the jewelries.

Metal is shiny, and seems of good quality, clasp was also working great.

As many reviews have mentioned, it is indeed more comfortable to wear, especially if you bend your torso, the difference from a regular barbell is noticeable.

It took time to get used to the aesthetics of the jewelry as it's really new and different from other navel jewelries - at the first look I felt like the CZ gem somewhat highlighted my “gaping” navel hole, however I came around to appreciate its unique design, and would be happy to support and purchase again.

One underrated feature of this design is that it is far more easier to clean your piercing. I have keloid scarring around my navel which made my skin inflexible and taut, despite twisting and turning barbells left and right it is hard to reach. Now there’s no fat ball screws to work around, and piercing sites are easily accessible to maintain. Love it.

Lim, you are in Singapore… It can take up to 6 weeks for packages to arrive and with the current conditions longer. I am sorry you are upset with the postal service. But TummyToys sent your package right away with tracking and it is on its way to you. I have no control over the postal service and how they work but I do know that it takes time to move a package 1/2 way around the world and I am sure it will be with you shortly.

Jennifer Giblin
Amazing fit

Perfect !! I couldn't be how comfortable the jewelry is and how well it wears..

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