316L Surgical Steel Belly Ring | Classic "Sleeper" Design

  • $17.50

Above is a beautiful solid surgical steel 316L belly ring, . No other body jewelry offers the convenience, security and beauty of real jewelry like TummyToys. Imagine the enjoyment you will have when wearing this gorgeous piece!
  • Easy removable one-piece clasp, eliminates tiny hard to handle balls

  • TummyToys are 13.5 mm .53 inch from notch to end.
    Standard Barbell is 13 mm from inside ball to inside ball .50 inch

Customer Reviews

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Patti~very happy customer

I’m absolutely in love….. these are the best designs for a belly piercing….. thank you

The best

It’s so convenient; Melissa from the service is an angel.


Love this piece.

Body Jewelry Enthusiast Approved :)

I've heard of tummytoys almost since I got my first navel piercing years ago. I was a little skeptical at first, how hard would it be to open and close? But mostly excited by the exotic hinged clicker ring design and as any good body jewelry enthusiast can tell you, I just had to give it a try and find out how it works for myself :) After working with the first classic steel ring I bought, training it to open at my demand, I realized it was an incredible, durable design to work with, that can be as easy to open, when you train it so, and still click closed securely whenever you need it to. I very much enjoy all of the TummyToys rings I've bought so far and I plan to buy more in the different metals, colors, and styles in the future. Since I have two navel piercings, top and bottom, I sport a TummyToys in both :) and they haven't given me any trouble so far in either area. The creator gave alot of perspective and thought into this product that will definitely charm and get the approval of any body jewelry enthusiast, if they're savvy and know what they're working with. TummyToys are awesome if I may say so myself, keep making these awesome pieces of ingenuitive body jewelry art! :)

LOVE this!!!

I have had my bellybutton pierced for a loonnnnggg time. I have wore a multitude of different body jewelry through the years. Nothing has been this comfortable. I am currently at the beach and no color issues or tarnish. Get it…you won’t be disappointed. A little bit awkward to put in but once you get it the 1st time it’s a breeze. ❤️❤️‍🔥

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