316L Surgical Steel Belly Ring | Classic "Sleeper" Design

  • $17.50

Above is a beautiful solid surgical steel 316L belly ring, . No other body jewelry offers the convenience, security and beauty of real jewelry like TummyToys. Imagine the enjoyment you will have when wearing this gorgeous piece!
  • Easy removable one-piece clasp, eliminates tiny hard to handle balls

  • TummyToys are 13.5 mm .53 inch from notch to end.
    Standard Barbell is 13 mm from inside ball to inside ball .50 inch

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Best navel ring ever

I'll never go back to barbells. I've lost some of my favorite jewelry because I hadn't tightened the top ball in too long. But also, I have IBS and deal with bloat a bunch, and I couldn't find something that was comfortable - the bottom of the jewelry was always digging into the bottom of my navel. Not cool. I finally got the smart idea to Google "most comfortable belly button jewelry" and found this company. The reviews were really helpful, a few people talked about issues much like my own. It's so comfortable that I forget it's in, and it's both cute and classy. Bonus - it's secure. I don't have to worry about remembering to tighten the top ball and losing it. It's perfect.

Sooooooo comfy!

I’ve been having a hard time keeping my belly ring clean and comfortable and I finally found the perfect ring. It’s hard to snap it closed and open it with my nails which sort of sucks. Other than that it’s amazing.

Love it!

This is the most comfortable belly button ring I have ever won. I like to add different jewels from it. I recommend this ring and recommend this company

Absolutely love

I wear this all the time. I've owned mine for years. It's so comfortable and stylish. Change and add a charm easily or wear plain. You gotta try it!

I never take it off...so incredibly comfortable!!!

After a failed navel piercing, I tried a second time, and once well-healed, turn to the Tummy Toy design. Perfect for me!!! I'm a phat-girl, so regular navel curves don't work for me - I used a J-Curve for my piercing. After that... I'm also an "old" girl, and have a hard time seeing the tiny little beads to change out my navel ring (darn reading glasses). The Tummy Toy design is soooo much easier to use. I also bought some of the swinger charms to add glamour and a little sparkle to my tummy - just gorgeous! Now if only they would make the surgical steel version with some crystals, I'd be SO excited!!! (I asked and they said no, I kinda cried...) In the mean time, I bought some jewelry findings and I'm taking apart the silver Tummy Toys I've bought to make the dangling pendants into swinger charms so that I can still use them. The silver rings make me itch and get pink around the edges... but I LOVE the surgical steel one!!!

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