Stunning Fire Orange Opal Belly Ring | Solid Silver with Gemstone Dangle

  • $89.50

Above is a beautiful solid silver belly ring, with a cluster of orange gems. This charm is designed to shimmer and shake with every move you make. The Charm is 1 inch long (25mm) Total Length of TummyToy is 1 9/16 inch (38mm). No other body jewelry offers the convenience, security and beauty of real jewelry like TummyToys. Imagine the enjoyment you will have when wearing this gorgeous piece!
  • Easy removable one-piece clasp, eliminates tiny hard to handle balls

  • Clasps are solid precious metals, nickel-free, no plating!

  • TummyToys are 13.5 mm .53 inch from notch to end.

  • Standard Barbell is 13 mm from inside ball to inside ball .50 inch

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