Classic Solid Silver Belly Button Ring | 14G

  • $18.50

Above is a beautiful solid silver belly button ring crafted from .925 sterling silver. Industrial, chic, understated, and feminine. This is one of our most popular silver belly rings, and was the first design that we ever created (over a decade ago).

This silver belly button ring is not only sexy and cute, it's also made to last. We've had countless women from all over the world message us how much they love TummyToys, and how they've been wearing the same belly ring for years on end.


Our classic silver belly button ring is 14G (gauge) and 13.5mm long. Most modern belly piercings are 10-12mm in length, making TummyToys just a tiny bit longer. If you want another gauge (15-17G), we can custom size any of our designs within this range.  If you require a smaller post length (e.g. -3mm) we can also trim any of our designs down (up to 4mm max).

Classic Silver Belly Button Ring Product Details:

  • Easily removable one-piece clasp - eliminates tiny hard to handle balls.

  • Clasps are solid precious metals, nickel-free, no plating!

  • TummyToys are 13.5 mm .53 inch from notch to end.

  • Standard Barbell is 13 mm from inside ball to inside ball .50 inch

Dangle Charms:

All of our dangle belly ring charms can be added to any of our classic silver navel ring designs. Simply open the clasp and slide the charm over the bar to instantly add some dazzle to your belly ring! Shop our collection of unique dangle belly ring charms.


Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
nevylle hollway

Still have not received it yet so cannot comment

Jennifer Robertson
Perfectly Amazing!

Very happy with this sterling silver sleeper ring! My belly button has been finicky lately and I've hard some discomfort with regular bar jewelry. I also was discovering that my piercing required longer bars than the standard rings came in. In looking around, I found TummyToys and I was smitten! I got the sleeper plus a dangle. I am crafty and I love that I can make my own dangles to slip onto the sleeper ring! So versatile and pretty! And as soon as I put it in, it felt completely comfortable, no pinching, no tightness, no pain. Very happy and I show it off whenever I get the chance!

A little bit about how much this actually means to me.... I am betting I am in the minority in that I got my belly button pierced just 3 months after I birthed my 9lb 15oz son. I was saggy, untoned, and had never gotten a body piercing before. I was celebrating my mom belly, for growing a beautiful baby boy and for birthing a long 66 (sixty-six) hours with 24 hours pushing. Why is this important? This jewelry validates my efforts and my love for my hard working body. I am not toned. I am not thin. I have jokingly compared my belly skin to Palpatine more than once. But this piercing and the jewelry I wear is part of me loving myself and who I am right here and now. Anyway, I love it! (And it is actively helping my finicky piercing heal)

shawn desvoignes

Classic Solid Silver Belly Button Ring | 14G

Eliza Manastireanu
Very cute belly ring

Looks great in my belly button. Very discreet and elegant. Love this brand!

C. Christie
Thanks for nothing!

I was stoked about these rings, especially the ability to custom size as I have a really short post length. I contacted customer service beforehand about having a custom size done and they had told me to just proceed with ordering a normal one and then email them to let them know the order number and how much to be sized down. So I placed my order on February 11th immediately following this conversation with customer service about having the ring sized down, and then immediately emailed them with the customization information. I never heard back, and reached out yet again to ensure it would be cut down before mailing as I KNEW the regular size would not work for me. To my surprise I once again received no response, but I did receive the parcel today! So I've now received the ring and low-and-behold, cannot wear it because it is massive. I've even gone as far as to measure the post length in mm and found that it was NOT sized down before it was sent to me. I'm seriously peeved with the poor service I've received here. I've reached out to customer service for the third time regarding this so here's hoping I might actually get a response from them now that I'm already $40 dollars down the drain. If you need custom sizing, don't waste your time with these guys.

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